Buck to Basics has teamed up with

MSW Lounge in order to bring a one stop Wellness + Yoga Lounge.

Whether you are looking to learn about Yoga, High-Quality Vitamins/CBD, compression therapy, or simply sip on a Slenderita and talk wellness we are here for you!



We are available for

Pop-Up Events/Mobile Appointments.

Please email or call for inquiries.

Pharm-Grade Vitamins | Yoga | CBD |

Compression Therapy

How Did BUCK
get its name?

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Our goal was to combine southern flair with

free-spirited passion to establish a grounding environment for all walks of life to safely and effectively get back to the basics of healing!

More about our Wellness Lounge...

This is not your ordinary health & wellness spot.  We believe in HEALTH care... not sick care.  Our services are as holistic as possible, and the most popular offerings we have are our Donation-Based Yoga Classes and Multivitamin cocktails.

You'll also find pharmaceutical-grade supplements, CBD products and locally made

Self-Care products throughout the facility!  

Our core value at Buck to Basics is bringing our Intentions to an Impact...

Especially within our community.

In order for us to create a conscious community at our studio we have various types of events such as Full Moon Circle, Volunteer Groups, Sound Healing, and are currently working on more ways to be involved with our community. If you would like more information please visit "Events" at the top left of the webpage or Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter! We promise not to spam your email and only send two emails with updates per month 

If you are interested in learning about ways you can work with us on events please call/text Anna directly at 512-970-1255 or email us at info@bucktobasics.com!

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