Buck to Basics has teamed up with MSW Lounge in order to bring a one stop Wellness + Yoga Lounge.

Whether you are looking to learn about Yoga, High-Quality Vitamins/CBD, compression therapy, or simply sip on a Slenderita and talk wellness we are here for you!


Tuesday- Friday 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday 11:00am to 4:00pm

Sundays are available by appointment only

Please email or call us to schedule.

We are also available for

Pop-Up Events/Mobile Appointments.

Please email or call for inquiries.


Pharm-Grade Vitamins | Yoga | CBD |

Compression Therapy

How Did BUCK
get its name?

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More about our wellness lounge...

This is not your ordinary health & wellness spot.  We believe in HEALTH care... not sick care.  Our services are as holistic as possible, and the most popular offerings we have are our Donation-Based Yoga Classes and Multivitamin cocktails.

You'll also find pharmaceutical-grade supplements, CBD products and locally made

Self-Care products throughout the facility!  

Our core value at Buck to Basics is bringing our Intentions to an Impact...

Especially within our community.

In order for us to create this heart-to-heart connection with others we created our

"Deer Volunteers", a group of individuals who perform acts of service and kindness to different non-profits around the Williamson County area.

If you are interested in learning about ways you can join us on some Philanthrophy work please call Anna directly at 239-316-2324 or email us at

To learn more about us visit the tabs at the top left of the webpage.

Located at 2501 S Bagdad Rd. Suite B

Leander, TX 78641